"Melody came to my rescue when I had to turn in perfect papers and perfect manuscripts. She pointed out every single grammatical error. More importantly, she gave me direction and insight when ideas I had written were unclear. She has consistently made me 'look good.' I highly recommend her editing services for any writing that needs to reflect your best effort!"

-Charlie Buckley, M.S. CCC-SLP, doctoral student in Special Education


Good copyediting is invisible. It should remove obstacles to understanding and resolve errors that could reduce the trust a reader has in an author. I think everyone deserves to express their ideas fluently in text, but because not everyone has the time or aptitude for copyediting, it is my mission to provide that opportunity for others (individuals and businesses alike).

Cartoon of Melody, the editor

Image by Michelle Grenz (

Here I am in an "editing frenzy." Mechanical errors in text don't stand a chance!